SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes – 02/06/2012

SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes – 02/06/2012

1. 7:15 Room arrangement, meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers.
Presenter throughout: Marc Davis, Vice President, unless otherwise noted.

2. 7:20 Membership & voting announcements.
Presenter: Carol Martin, Membership Chair

3. 7:25 Approve minutes from December 5, 2011, last regular monthly meeting (available at

MOTION: to pass the minutes from Dec, 5th – Marc Davis/Wolf Sitler = PASSED

4. 7:30 Treasurers Report
Presenter:  Les Case, Treasurer
Now making interest on our Capital Credit Union bank account.

4.5 Quick word by Ernest Pedraza – Served 34 years as a police officer and retired as commander. Graduate of FBI Academy and other notable achievments. Now running for Constable in Precinct 4 and asking for our support.

5. 7:35 Update on Live Oak parking issues
Presenter:  Marc Davis, Vice President and Steve Jackobs, Member
Excessive overflow from non-resident parking needs of Travis Park Apts caused by enforcement of existing parking rules. Elementary student safety, litter, traffic congestion and visibility are all concerns. Residents can get a parking sticker if they have a legal vehicle but visitors and non-legal vehicles are not allowed to park on the property after 2am. The parking policy is technically within their rights and the overflow is on public streets. APD encourages us to call if you see any sort of violations and the city has repainted the curbs where necessary. The “bike lanes” are actually not bike lanes so there is no violation there. We will meet with the complex to work on solutions including making sure all resident vehicles can be parked on site and add trash cans along the street. Neighborhood Watch patrols will make sure to pass by this area to discourage criminal activity.

6. 7:45 Vote to have Tim Boswell replace Kenny Hilbig as Area Coordinator for Area 3b
Presenter:  Marc Davis, Vice President

MOTION: to replace Kenny Hilbig with Tim Boswell as Area Coordinator for Area 3b – Marc Davis/Russell Frasier = PASSED

7. 7:50 Proposal to put a memorial in Stacy Park for Reverend Jackson and Barbara Boyett
Presenter:  Wendy Todd, Member
A Reverend of the Dayspring Fellowship and his wife who lived at Monroe/Sunset in the yellow house were involved in a fatal car accident over the holidays. Wendy is asking that we name the nearby pocket park “Boyett Park.” Please speak with Wendy about pursuing this issue if you are interested.

8. 8:00 Variance request for 1802 Brackenridge
Presenters:  Jean Mather, Chair of Zoning & Planning Committee and Melissa Schenker, Owner
Committee talked with the owner to learn that when they went to do work on the house that the previous owner had made modifications to the house without permits. Due to time constraints, the Zoning Committee moved to support the variances requests due to the scope of the work and the hardship.

8.5 Report by Jean Mather – City committees including the Master Plan Task Force met to discuss issues along Congress Ave and other parts of town. Most of the decisions were postponed and the discussion was very limited.

MOTION: Jean Mather/Russell Frasier – to send a letter to the city asking them to improve the community engagement of the public meetings = PASSED

9. 8:20 Proposed maintenance in Stacy park and an update on restoration plans after the herbicide debacle
Presenter: Mateo Scoggins, City Biologist and Todd Jackson, City Biologist
City workers walked the park/creek to assess the damage done by the herbicide spraying last year and identified a few areas potentially affected. Mateo believes most of the damage will be undone and grow back, including the poison ivy. They spread some wildflower and grass seeds throughout the area surveyed. A resident requested PARD plant some trees/saplings and was told that was doable. Mateo offered to come back in the spring with a followup review of the area after which we will produce a request for mitigation. Todd spoke about mowing policies that involve cutting too close to the creeks, he would like to see a buffer to allow riparian habitat to recover naturally. Wendy nominated David Todd to be the point of contact. The goal is to reduce erosion and the impacts of storm runoff to create a stable environment.

10. 8:35 Issues with the new multi-unit development at 1227 Newning
Presenter: Gretchen Harries and Scott Swanson, Members
Residents are concerned with this new development and were not being updated about it. A promised followup meeting about the detention pond did not occur and the permit was issued to allow the project to move forward. The geography of the land creates challenges for the development but 12 homes are being constructed despite neighbor concerns primarily with the potential flooding of adjacent properties. The developer stated clearly that he would place future flooding liabilities on the future HOA. A runoff/drainage plan was already approved by the city which includes an underground pond with a pumping station. Neighbors want someone to accept liability for possible future flooding. February 15th, a meeting with concerned parties and city officials will take place on the 3rd floor of 505 Barton Springs Rd at 6:30pm. The meeting will include a pitch for the new drainage plan and an explanation for allowing the initial  permit.

11. 8:55 Norwood House Update
Presenter:  Wolf Sittler, Member
Next week the Norwood Posse will transition into a non-profit called the Norwood Park Foundation and will gain authorization to begin work on the restoration project.  A $50,000 donation and a $250,000 no-interest loan have been made to the project. An experienced project manager is being sought.

12. 9:00 Street Closures – Yard Dog and March of Dimes
Presenter:  Marc Davis, Vice President
March 16th and 17th Yard Dog SXSW event in the alley behind Yard Dog.

13. 9:05 Request for attendance at the AIA/SDAT Presentation on February 27th
Presenter:  Wendy Todd, Member
A group is looking to develop a plan to beautify and direct the development of the tracts of land from the outflow of Blunn Creek to Hooters and the lake to Barton Springs Blvd. Monday, Feb 27th, at the Dougherty Arts Center will have an open house to speak to the team from city planning. First week of June there will be a 3 day design charette. Those interested in being involved, please contact Wendy.

14. 9:10 Sunnymeade Apartment update
Presenter:  Marc Davis, Vice President
Changes to the plan were agreed on to allow the developer to achieve energy efficiency goals and were approved by the executive committee.

15. SRCC’s Annual Meeting and Potluck is almost here!!!
Every March we meet to share some food/drink and elect our neighborhood association leadership. We will be having this event on Tuesday, March 6th from 6pm-9pm in our regular meeting location. In an effort to reduce waste, please consider bringing whatever you think you’ll need to eat and drink. More details will be posted as they become available.

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