Believing is seeing

The Norwood Posse saddled up more than 3 1/2 years ago with a vision and a mission….. to bring back the exterior look of the house and open up the inside to make it into a multi-purpose public event center.
This pre 1958 photo shows what it once looked like at this time of year.

Ollie & Calie Norwood called it Norcliff. Word has it, that back in the twenties, not every house had a numerical address. Homes were known by the names chosen by their owners.

Like every home, this one has a unique history….if interested go to the website

Today, members of the Norwood Posse are thankful that its survival has been officially assured. We have crafted a volunteer/pro-bono/discounted fee based plan, led by professionals in all areas needed, and have begun negotiations with Parks & Recreation Department staff on how, and when, we can begin hands on work. A new year wish is for those talks to proceed quickly, as we are financially prepared, right now, to begin the long overdue rehabilitation.

One day soon, this photo will be re-taken, with a brand new/old house as the focal point. It will be the anchor of the redeveloped Norwood Park, as envisaged by community members, a consultant, and PARD staff. With access to Lady Bird Lake, and located at a gateway point to Austin, it will become a beautiful, useful, and financially self-sufficient house (event rental), and well known and loved, destination park.

As the new year approaches, so does our new identity as a 501(c)3…..Norwood Park Foundation

May this time, that brings another year to an end, be one of meaning and inspiration.

For a review of Norwood Posse activities this year, check out the Norwood blog at:

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