S Congress Advisory Group Update 10/20/11

By Sarah Campbell, SRCC President

Tonight, the S Congress Advisory Group (SCAG) met to continue work on resolving parking problems.  We grouped the 25 ideas generated at the September 26th meeting under the following 6 headings (see previous post for more information):

1.  No Brainers – includes ideas like #2 and #6, step up enforcement against parking violators and enforcement of site plan parking requirements, respectively.

2.  Residential Parking Permit Program (RPP)

3.  Employee Parking

4.  Remote Parking

5.  Meters/Pay Stations

6.  Parking Garage

Since the No Brainers were just that, we focused discussion on the  Residential Parking Permit Program (RPP).  Some blocks on Eva Street have acquired RPP 24/7, which has caused a great deal of controversy between S Congress merchants/property owners and nearby residents, and which is now no longer even available from the City.  After much discussion, it was decided that where RPP is requested, a 50/50 compromise would ensure that (1) one side of the streets would be reserved for residents (generally same side of street throughout, except in certain circumstances), and (2) the other side of the streets would be open public parking.

The meeting ended at this point.  We will meet again within the next 2-3 weeks to take up the other headings above.

Please note that tonight’s decisions are not necessarily final; as we work through the other headings, we may find that tonight’s decisions need refining or changing.  Meanwhile, however, if you have any comments on these posts on the SCAG’s work on parking issues, please let them be known so that I may pass them on to the Group for consideration.

You may leave comments here or email me at sarahecampbell@ earthlink.net.  Do not wait long or your input will not make it to the meetings!

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