PARD staff recommends Norwood restoration!!!

The Norwood Posse is pleased to announce that PARD staff is recommending restoration of the Norwood House. In addition they are considering adding an additional facilitiy as well as upgrades to the entire site. We are now in negotiations with PARD to assist them in identifying a “preferred alternative” that will be presented to city boards, commissions and the city council. Ideas under consideration are expanded parking, accessibility, connectivity to boardwalk, walkways, a water feature, etc.
We continue to promote the idea of a public/private partnership to accomplish the objective as PARD has no funding to do anything at this time. Our aim is to restore the house, using primarily private funding, and to operate and maintain it under the umbrella of the soon to be created Norwood Park Foundation.
Thanks to everyone who has helped us reach this point. Much remains to be done, and we will be calling on our community to assist in the way forward.

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