Summary of ANC meeting 5/25/11

1: Jeff Jack provided an update of the 2011 Austin City Council election. ANC endorsed Kathie Tovo for council and will reaffirm that. Jeff stressed the importance of electing a council member who is responsive to neighborhood concerns. The election is June 18. Early voting June 6-June 14. Vote by mail deadline is June 10.

2: Lorraine Atherton talked about meetings taking place regarding single member districts. Mayor Leffingwell has endorsed a 6-2-1 arrangement with 6 single members, 2 at large and the mayor. Neighborhood reps are divided between a 8-4-1 or a 10-1 plan. The mayor has asked Marc Ott to draft an amendment to the charter outlining his preference.

3: Deirdre Doughty, Save Austin Urban School Coalition,  recommended that AISD & City of Austin strengthen interlocal collaboration. SAUCS recommends that the District adopt a formal policy to address major decisions that includes:a: two-way, ongoing communication with all stakeholders, and b: identification of specific criteria that will be used in making facility use decisions, and c: a formal , transparent and collaborative process. For more info go to

4: Sebastian Wren, Northfield Neighborhood Association, spoke about “stealth dorms” being built in his neighborhood. He said 60-80 of these have been built in his neighborhood. Northfield has small houses on large lots. A developer buys a small house, tears it down and builds a McMansion size house with multiple mini kitchens and bathrooms and then rents out to 6-8 unrelated individuals. While the houses are designated as single family, Code Compliance says they cannot document any inappropriate use. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you? Lots more cars, parties, trash & traffic.

5: Cynthia Keohane, Allandale NA spoke about ongoing meetings about short term rentals and efforts to create registration and regulation of them.

6: ANC president Steve Aleman talked about the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan process. ANC members who have attended working group meetings currently underway expressed concern that neighborhood input seems to fall on deaf ears as city staff pushes their “vision”. Anyone can participate in these working groups. Go to C of A website.

7: Jim Stewart, PARD park ranger, spoke about the City of Austin Wildlife Challenge. Austin is the largest metropolitan are in the country designated as a Community Wildlife Habitat in the country ,with over 1,500 certified wildlife habitats. For more info go to

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