Communication committee meeting minutes 03/21/2011

Communications committee meeting was held 3/21/2011 at Sarah Campbell’s house. Attendees: Sarah Campbell, Marc Davis, Gloria Lee, Carol Martin. Items discussed were 1) mailing monthly publication; 2) interactive website; 3) establishing a permanent Communications Committee. Carol has been in contact with Peel Inc. and can explain our start date will depend on our gathering enough content to fill at least 6 monthly issues. We will go ahead and complete their application. Peel needs 4-6 weeks advance notice so they can sell ads. They have agreed to focus on local businesses and give priority to those in the neighborhood. ACTION ITEM Carol will email the Peel forms to all committee members.
Gloria is willing and able to be editor for a monthly publication IF we can line up contributors and stockpile articles in advance. She will organize a way to manage content using Google docs and think about a process for delegating as needed. Marc clarified that all content for publication in newsletter should also be posted to website. The model should be: web and print are just two delivery methods for same content. Our goal is to have at least 8 pages of content, including standing page for ‘masthead, execs–basically the same back page that always appears on our newsletter. We expect to have regular pages for some SRCC committees as well as feature articles. Core contributors will be 1) historic houses (Parry Gettelman?); Environmental issues (David Todd); 3) schools (Gloria – fulmore); 4) libraries (Carol); 5) membership (Carol). Teresa Griffin or Jean Mather would be resources when there are zoning issues to cover.
 ACTION ITEM: Sarah will draft an ‘announcement’ email for Marc.
ACTION ITEM: Marc will send email and tutorial to core contributors, create passwords for them, offer training either by a class or one-on-one.
ACTION ITEM: Gloria will draft guidelines for authors (word count, etc.)

The date for announcing the interactive website depends on when core content contributors are all trained.
Next meeting date to be determined when training phase is completed.

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