Communications committee agenda 05/13/2010

  Communications Ad Hoc Committee Meeting, Thursday May 13 2010, 5:30 – 6:30 pm, Carol’s @1901 Travis Heights Blvd


 Attending:  Sarah Campbell, Marc Davis, Carol Martin, Garret Nick; Absent but in touch via email: Helen Valdez

 1.         Membership
a.         Report on email dues renewal reminder.
b.         New process for streamlining new/renewal membership forms

 2.         Standardize responses in order to provide consistent information on list-serve; on website, in newsletter, etc.:
a.         Zoning and variance requests. Teresa Griffin is composing a brief “Zoning 101” paragraph that can be used to consistently facilitate basic understanding. 0
b.         Security: when to call 911; when to call 311 Marc has done this.

 3.         Newsletter
a.         update on N2 publication proposal (Carol)
b.         new rep is Teresa Rose. She is working with another nbhd but staying in touch with Carol Martin
c.         cost of mailing list from Tax Assessor office is $60.
d.         N2 contract. Discuss revisions suggested by Marc’s attorney
e.         Content providers

4.         Website
a.         revised Ning site (Marc and Garret)

 5.         List-serve

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