General Monthly Meeting Agenda 2/1/10



7:00 PM




CALL TO ORDERPresenter: Sarah Campbell, President, unless otherwise noted below.

1. 7:00  Meeting procedures & etiquette.  Welcome newcomers.


2. 7:10  Approve minutes from January 4, 2009, general membership meeting (available at


3.  7:15  Vote on proposed resolution for SRCC to act as pass-through organization to receive grant monies to be deposited with Save Austin Oaks for further oak wilt remediation in the Newning/Park area.

Presenter:  Robin Sanders, member

4.  7:25  The SRCC Executive Committee is recommending changes to our dues categories and levels, as well as to the membership/dues form.  The changes are being recommended to simplify and modernize (no one remembers when our dues were last raised).  A handout illustrating the recommended changes will be available at the meeting.  The changes are (1) to reduce our current 4 dues categories to two:  Single @ $20/year and Family @ $35/year; and (2) to eliminate Interest Areas from the form, and to add a choice for “Additional donations to SRCC general fund”.  If passed, we propose the changes take effect February 15, 2010.

5. 7:35  Owners of the Park Lane Guest House at 221 Park Lane have submitted a site plan seeking a conditional use permit to operate as a bed and breakfast.

Presenter:  Shakti Khalst, resident/owner

6. 7:40  Review the latest draft of the Heritage Tree Ordinance.  On February 4, City Council will consider changes to the City Code related to protected and heritage trees.

Presenter:  Jean Mather, Chair of Zoning & Planning Standing Committee

7. 7:50  Vote to elect Teresa Griffin as Co-Chair of the Zoning & Planning Standing Committee, to serve with Jean Mather.

8. 7:55  Discuss voluntary donations to Grace Methodist Church and to John Jordan, Church caretaker, who has helped us with meetings and our 4th of July picnic for years.  In over 35 years, SRCC has never been required to pay for use of the Church, yet we have no doubt contributed our fair share of ordinary wear and tear.

9. 8:05  Save Town Lake requests SRCC support.

Presenter:  Jeff Jack, former STL Board Member

10. 8:15  Discuss issue of loose manhole covers threatening peace and quiet of residents along Alameda between Monroe & Riverside.

Presenter:  Bob Drew, Treasurer, resident of Alameda

11. 8:20  Discuss application to rezone home and property at 1924 Newning to Historic.

12. 8:25  Discuss Jo’s Coffee on S. Congress application for outdoor music venue.

13. 8:30  Review and vote on application for the following street closure: the alley parallel to and west of S Congress between Elizabeth and Monroe Streets, for Yard Dog Art Gallery’s “Yard Parties”, 12 noon-7pm, Thursday-Saturday, March 18-20, 2010 (between Allen’s Boots & Tesoros).


14. 8:35  New SRCC meeting times to begin: (1) the Annual Potluck Dinner and Election of Officers – Tuesday, March 2 at 6pm, and (2) all monthly General Meetings starting Monday, April 5th to begin at 7:15pm.

15. 8:40  It’s never too early to start planning for our fabulous 4th of July Parade and Picnic.

Presenter:  Russell Fraser, member and last year’s co-organizer

16. 8:50  Street closures for: (1) Mighty Texas Dog Walk, Saturday, April 17, 2010, 5am-2pm, not in SRCC boundaries; (2) Art City Austin, Saturday, April 24-25, 2010, 11am-6pm, not in SRCC boundaries.

17. 8:55  On February 25, City Council will decide whether to adopt the East Riverside Corridor Master Plan (which will also require an amendment to the Land Development Code, schedule for the same date).  More information about the plan is available at riversideplan.htm.

18. 9:00  The Norwood and ANC reports

Presenter:  Wolf Sittler, member & director of Norwood Posse, and SRCC rep to ANC.


Agenda prepared by Sarah Campbell

Items not necessarily taken in order of Agenda

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