Welcome to the South River City Citizens!

THERE IS NO GENERAL MEETING IN JANUARY! Our next meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 5th at 7:15pm at Life in the City United Methodist Church (formerly Grace UMC) at 205 East Monroe St. All are welcome! Interested in updates from SRCC? Sign up for our Monthly Update emails to get updates on local events and key issues. Want to be a voting member? Click here for  membership details .

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SRCC votes to support CodeNEXT petition

At the SRCC general meeting on Monday December 4, members voted to officially endorse/support the petition to put the approval of CodeNEXT to a vote of the people. This allows us to go forth and canvass for signatures as official SRCC representatives. This website has a printable petition and instructions on using it:


The petition requires that citizens vote on CodeNEXT. The deadline for the PAC to turn in petitions is Jan 1, 2018, so they are asking for signatures ASAP so they can have time to gather everything together and check the sheets.

Signatures must be gathered in person from registered voters. Please consider asking your friends and neighbors to sign. Even if each of us do only one sheet of signatures, it will make a big difference in total. This petition is the only way for you, and all Austinites, to have a direct say on CodeNEXT and to hold the city council accountable to us and our concerns.

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CodeNEXT schedule pushed back

City of Austin staff have finally admitted that the schedule set for revising and approving CodeNEXT is not a reasonable one, and they have pushed the date for release of the third draft of the new code from November 28 to February 12, 2018. This will likely push a final council vote from April to summer of 2018. You can read the memo from staff to council here.

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SRCC General Membership Meeting Agenda – December 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017 7:15 PM
(formerly Grace UMC)

To be sure you get a vote, become a member. You can join or renew online www.srccatx.org. Not sure if you are current? Email membership@srccatx.org and we’ll let you know.
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Pipeline Problems at St. Edward’s/Sherwood Oaks Neighborhood

This past summer, work began at the south end of East Side Dr. on the St. Edwards University property where there was an underground high pressure natural gas pipeline. The pipeline has been there for at least half a century and runs along the Blunn Creek Preserve and through the center of the campus. The recent construction left a small section of the pipeline protruding above ground and the site was marked as a location where the pipeline had a vent. See Photo #1:

The original contractors appeared to be working with Texas Gas Service. When school started in August, the project appeared to be completed but during September work at the site resumed with multiple private contractors excavating and installing a network of pipes and valves and other apparatus above ground. See Photo #2:

It appears the new construction joins multiple natural gas pipelines in one place so that natural gas can be routed from one pipe line to another or that the pipelines in the center of campus can be removed. This type of work is not regulated by the City of Austin. There are no permits issued by the city and there are no protections for Blunn Creek. Until last week, there was no ground cover or fencing to prevent soil from running off when it rained. Since this is a gas pipeline, the Texas Railroad Commission has oversight and it is not subject to city environmental regulations.

After construction, to ensure there are no leaks, contractors inspect the welding on the pipes. The pipe is wrapped with photographic film and a highly intense radioactive source is put inside the pipe so that flaws or imperfections in the welds can be detected. This is essentially taking an x-ray of the pipe. Then the radioactive source is removed and taken away. St. Edwards University gave no notice of this radioactive testing work to neighbors who live within 60 feet of this site or SRCC. See Photo #3:

Neighbors have been seeking answers from Texas Gas Service and the Texas Railroad Commission. In 2012 an explosion caused by a natural gas leak killed the owner of a North Austin house. In the 1960’s two workers died from a gas leak at the site on St. Edwards Dr.

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Free Transportation Toolkit

Did you know that you’re eligible to receive a Free Transportation Toolkit? Brought to you by Smart Trips Austin, your toolkit includes a wealth of transportation resources and a special gift. Our goal is to give you the confidence to drive a little less and walk, bike or take transit a little more. Just whatever you feel comfortable with! So sign up for your toolkit at www.smarttripsaustin.org while supplies last! Also, follow us on Facebook (@SmartTripsAustin) and Twitter (@SmartTripsATX) for community events and a chance to get more cool stuff.

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