SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes – 11/7/2011

SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes – 11/7/2011


1. 7:15 Room arrangement, meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers.
Presenter throughout: Marc Davis, Vice President, unless otherwise noted.

2A. Treasurer’s Report.
Presenter: Les Case, Treasurer

2B. 7:20 Membership & voting announcements.
Presenter: Carol Martin, Membership Chair

3. 7:25 Approve minutes from October 3, 2011, last regular monthly meeting (available at

MOTION: Jean Mather/Carol Martin – to approve the minutes = PASSED

4. 7:30 South Congress Advisory Group – latest update on parking issues including RPP requests for Gibson and East Milton
Presenters: Sarah Campbell, Mary Lovell and Matt Lynaugh, members.

In an ongoing attempt to find a solution to the parking issues on South Congress, residents, city officials and businesses have been meeting, but making little progress, beyond trying to get residents to sacrifice some of the expedited RPP benefits they received in exchange for the VMU up zoning on S Congress . The most effective tool the residents have is the RPP (residential parking permit) and several blocks east and west of S Congress have already implemented it in some form.

MOTION: Alton Martin/Jean Mather – to allow no changes to the expedited RPP program (we have as a result of VMU zoning on S Congress), and to focus the group’s efforts on other parking solutions = PASSED

We also heard a request for RPP on the 100 block of East Milton from the alley to Nickerson, Monday through Friday, 3pm-10pm and Saturday through Sunday 10am-10pm.

MOTION: Mary Lovell/Alton Martin – to support the request = PASSED

5. 7:40 Austin Strategic Mobility Plan – provide input on the project scope on the I-35 Transportation Corridor
Presenters:  Joe Cantalupo, IH-35 Corridor Development Program Team

Joe of Parsons, Brinkerhoff Consultants talked to us about the task before them of analyzing options for increasing capacity on I-35 from William Cannon to 290 WITHOUT major initiatives. The city has asked them to approach this with an open mind and consider all creative solutions so they are asking for input from concerned citizens and stakeholders. An open house is scheduled for Thursday, Nov 17, 3-8pm at 721 Barton Springs Rd, room 130. You can also visit for more information or to download a comment form.  Joe encouraged us to provide input however we could, by mail, email and during a visit to the open house.

6. 8:00 Amend Restrictive Covenant For AMLI South Shore C14-05-0112
Presenters:  Toni House, Chair of Zoning & Planning Committee

The AMLI apartment project on Riverside between Lakeshore Blvd and I-35 is requesting changes to their plan, due to current financial conditions, that would reduce the number of for sale condo units by half while increasing the number of rental units. EROC has worked hard to increase opportunities for home ownership and low income rentals in this area.  While the plan changes will dilute EROC’s work, it will not cancel it altogether, so Toni has been encouraged by her neighbors to “take whatever you can get”.  She will make her decision in a day or two.

MOTION: Toni House/Jean Mather – to support the EROC position = PASSED

7. 8:05 Amendment To Land Development Code to make Personal Service land use permitted on Limited Office (LO) properties C20-2011-021
Presenters:  Jean Mather, Chair of Zoning & Planning Committee

The city is looking to amend the land development code to add uses to the “limited office” designation so as to include hair dresser and other personal services while still limiting services such as tattoo parlors.

No vote.


8. 8:10 Water Conservation – how to conserve water in your landscapes, irrigation systems, and remain compliant with watering restrictions
Presenter: David Turnage, Conservation Specialist

We are currently limited by a “stage 2” drought restriction which means you are only allowed to water one day a week from midnight to 10am. You are allowed to water by hand anytime.  He explained how most irrigation systems are poorly managed and are only 50% efficient which is why the City restricts their use during droughts. Enforcement officers are monitoring reports of water waste and actively seeking out those who refuse to follow the restrictions as we approach “stage 3” levels. Lake levels are expected to drop to “stage 3” in the next 6 weeks, something the city has never had to implement and which is only intended for use during times of limited interruption. If you see a business or neighbor blatantly disregarding these restrictions, call 311 to issue a complaint, it takes only a couple minutes and the violator will receive a notice followed by a ticket if they do not correct the problem. 60% of city water use is for landscaping. The city has increased enforcement staff from 2 to 50 and they also patrol during the night.

9. 8:25 Protecting Your Trees – how to comply with water restrictions without harming your trees
Presenter:  Nickey Bishop, The Tree Tender

Given the extended drought conditions, many older trees are showing signs of stress and even dying. The best way to deal with this is to water your trees by hand and soak the ground to a 6″ depth along the outer edge of the dripline.  A tree’s water absorbing roots are located just outside the reach of the branches. Water mature trees once a month and avoid piling mulch, dirt or other plants up around the base of the trunk, a mature tree benefits from having the base of the trunk exposed. Visit for more tips.


10. 8:40 Update on Willow Springs Traffic Calming
Presenter:  Kim Lanzilotti, Member

This project is 80% complete with the planning and permitting stage.  Soon we will move on to design and then construction of traffic calming devices.

11. Blunn Creek Preserve Update
Presenter:  David Todd, Member

Continued efforts by David and others have resulted in yet another grant for the removal of invasive species in the Blunn Creek Preserve. The grant award is for $36,841.  A $5,000 match must be raised.

12. Norwood House
Presenters:  Wolf Sitler, Member and Leader of Norwood Posse

After years of effort to preserve and restore the Norwood House, the Parks Department has finally decided it will do just that! A non-profit entity will be formed to restore the property. A big congratulations to the Norwood Posse for succeeding in this effort!

13. Maria Conchola, a long time resident and member of the SRCC, stopped by to let us know she is now fully staffed and her constables are actively patrolling the neighborhood as they travel to and from other duties. They are not doing any traffic enforcement, they are simply adding a presence so as to deter crime. You can contact her office at 854-9488.


14.  8:50  General Announcements – Austin’s New Year, Mable Davis Off-Leash Park

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