The SRCC Neighborhood Association has several “Standing Committees” that meet on a regular basis to discuss and resolve issues such as parks, zoning, finance, and public safety. In addition to these “Standing Committees” there are also “Ad Hoc Committees” that are created to handle a specific need for a limited period of time.

Information on Ad Hoc Committees can be found on the Officers page.

You can navigate to a particular committee’s page to get more detailed information and updates about just that committee.  The following is a list and link to each committee’s page (where applicable) where you can find the contact information.

Standing Committees:


  1. Treasurer sets a spreadsheet on Google Docs to track payments made and meetings held. Fee is $50 per meeting session.
  2. Committee chair contact SRCC President that  meeting space is needed
  3. If/when President approves the expense, President should respond to committee and cc Treasurer
  4. Committee chair will contact GUMC directly and confirm calendar times available. 442-5944   email:
  5. Committee chair submits the meeting sign-in sheet to Treasurer as confirmation of meeting.

CANCELLATION POLICY: ADVANCE NOTICE TO GUMC IS REQUIRED. At least a couple of days or SRCC will be charged $50.

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