Your neighborhood association needs YOU!

At our annual potluck on March 6 we will be voting to elect new officers. However, we are missing a candidate for one very important position! Here is our slate:

President: seeking candidate
Vice President: Dan Fredine
Treasurer: Oliver Caruso
Secretary: Mary Friedman
Membership secretary: Carol Martin

We still do not have a candidate for president. Please consider giving your time and volunteering to fill this extremely vital role. You will have the privilege to work with a fantastic group of people and you can really make a difference by helping your neighbors. The main duties of the president are to chair the monthly general meetings (and a handful of Executive Committee meetings) and to keep up with the president’s gmail account (forwarding emails to the appropriate committee chair, responding to inquiries, and filing emails appropriately). We have a strong team of volunteers in place who can provide lots of support and mentoring.

We are also looking for a co-VP and a communications chair to help spread out the work as well. Please email Gretchen Otto at for more information.

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