Executive Committee


Austin Neighborhoods Council:
James Bilodeau

City District 3:
Kim Lanzillotti 512-658-8565

City District 9:
James Bilodeau

St Edward’s:
Elloa Mathews 512-442-6986

East Riverside (EROC):
Toni House 512-447-8090

South Central Coalition:
Elloa Mathews 512-442-6986

Save Town Lake:
Dennis Cudd 917-568-3147

TH Arts Trail:
Charlotte Bell 512-447-2150

Travis Park Apt
Terry Franz 512-447-8786

Project Connect
Jeff Kessel

South Central Waterfront Plan:
Wendy Todd

SRCC Committees:

Standing Committees:

Ad Hoc Committees:

Garret Nick

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  • Social Media:

    Area Coordinators:

    Area Coordinators

    Area 1
    -Claudette Lowe 512-447-1514
    -Marylin Orton 512-440-7770

    Area 2
    -Russell Fraser 512-771-9736
    -Eugene Kubelka 512-441-9262

    Area 3a
    -Jo Webber  512-441-3117
    -Sara Newsom 512-444-8292

    Area 3b
    -Brooks Kasson 512-444-8292
    -Marc Davis 512-656-2841

    Area 4a
    -Sam Martin 512-441-5222
    -Volunteer needed!

    Area 4b
    -Kris Asthalter 512-443-4963

    Area 5
    -Neal Nuwash 512-462-9093
    -Elloa Mathews 512-442-6986

    Area 6
    -Rachel McClure 512-326-5572
    -Laura Gass Weaver

    Area 7
    -Sounthaly “Tune” Outhavong 512-784-6956
    -Jackie Hatfield

    Area 8
    -Kim Lanzillotti 512-658-8565
    -Volunteer needed!

    Use the Area Map to see which area you belong in and who your Area Coordinator is. Click on an area to see the contact information.


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