Executive Committee

2018 SRCC Officers

Members of the Executive Committee include the Officers, Area Coordinators and Co-Coordinators, Standing Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs, and the Representative to Austin Neighborhood Council.  Liaisons and other roles can be found here.


Standing Committees:

Planning and Zoning:
Russell Fraser (Chair) russell_fraser@msn.com
Jean Mather 512-444-4153
Kent Anschutz 512-478-4947  kent@kentanschutz.com
Marc Davis 512-656-2841  marc.davis@gmail.com
David Swann 512-447-6094 swanito@att.net
Ian Reddy
Sarah Campbell

Historic Preservation:
Michele Webre (Co-Chair)
512-422- 1262
Angela Reed (Co-Chair)
Melanie Martinez
Bob Gee
Ian Reddy

Sam Martin (Chair) 512-441- 5222
Will Andrews

J.B. Sigmon  (Chair) mobility@srccatx.org
Mike Sledge
Jeff Kessel

Public Safety:
Tom Groce (Chair)

Parks and Environment:
David Todd (Chair) 512-416- 0400
Marty Christman

Gretchen Otto 512-227- 1507

Betty Weed (Chair)
Gretchen Otto (Newsletter Editor) newsletter@srccatx.org
Maia Reeves (Newsletter Designer)

ANC Representative:

Austin Neighborhoods Council
James Bilodeau  ancrep@srccatx.org

Area Coordinators:

Area 1
-Claudette Lowe 512-447-1514 claudette55@sbcglobal.net
-Marylin Orton 512-440-7770 marylinorton@gmail.com

Area 2
-Russell Fraser 512-771-9736 russell_fraser@msn.com
-Eugene Kubelka 512-441-9262 electric@cekubelka.com

Area 3a
-Jo Webber  512-441-3117
-Sara Newsom 512-444-8292 saranewsom@yahoo.com

Area 3b
-Brooks Kasson 512-444-8292
-Marc Davis 512-656-2841

Area 4a
-Sam Martin 512-441-5222 samtx3@icloud.com
Volunteer needed!

Area 4b
-Kris Asthalter 512-443-4963 kasthalter@austin.rr.com

Area 5
-Neal Nuwash 512-462-9093 cnnuwash@texas.net
-Elloa Mathews 512-442-6986 ellomail@austin.rr.com

Area 6
-Rachel McClure 512-326-5572 rachel_mcclure2001@yahoo.com
-Laura Gass Weaver  gassweaver@sbcglobal.net

Area 7
Contact us to volunteer!

Area 8
-Kim Lanzillotti 512-658-8565 kamerakimtx@gmail.com
-Vicky Moerbe 512-442-5678 vicky@crossfireproductions.net

Use the Area Map to see which area you belong in and who your Area Coordinator is. Click on an area to see the contact information.

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