SRCC EC Meeting Minutes–June 2020

To be sure you get a vote, be a member. You can join or renew online   Not sure if you are current? Email  and we’ll let you know.


1. 7:00  Meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome & introductions of new members

Presenter throughout: Eric Cassady, SRCC President, unless otherwise noted.

2. 7:05  Membership & voting announcements. Reminder that SRCC current dues status is required to participate in SRCC business and actions such as voting and making motions. Reminder of changes to bylaws regarding voting members of EC.

Meeting called to order at 7:06 pm.  The president discussed changes of procedures regarding voting and time while we are having to meet on Zoom.  A designated timekeeper will keep to the published timeframes on the agenda, and allow 1 minute for committee/rep preports unless arrangements are made with the President or Vice-President in advance.  If an item begins to go beyond this time, the speaker’s microphone will be muted. It isn’t personal, but we are trying to be fair to everyone and honor everyone’s time.  Motions are to be submitted in advance to the President, so that he could create a poll in Zoom for voting.  If your membership has lapsed, we are asking that you do not vote.  An effort is being made by the Membership Chair to remind those whose membership has lapsed. If you are not sure, you can contact the Membership Chair before the meeting at 

3. 7:10   Approve minutes from May 5, 2020 Executive Committee Meeting

Reminder: schedule for Executive meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month; 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Location Good Shepherd on the Hill or via teleconference.

Proposed meeting dates through rest of term: July 7 (?)

MOTION:  Eric Cassady:  To approve the minutes from May 5, 2020, executive committee meeting.  Approve: 14, Deny: 0, Abstain: 1; PASSED

4. 7:15  Report from the President: Changes to meeting timekeeping and general policy on voting due to remote meetings.

Presenter: Eric Cassady, President

See previous notes.

5. Committee check-ins on events/goals/issues.

Presenters: Committee Chairs.   1) Planning and Zoning; 2) Historic Preservation; 3) Finance; 4) Mobility; 5) Public Safety;  6) Parks and Environment; 7) Schools; 8) Communications

Planning and Zoning:  At the last EC meeting we “took no position” on the Two Hands store waiver, as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Committee.  Council acts on June 4th to set the public hearing for July 30th.  

Historic Preservation:  In November we will be reviewed as a Federal National Historic Area.

Finance:  Nothing to report.

Mobility:  Neighbors will present later this evening.  It has been discovered that many of the stores along South Congress Avenue  have no parking for shoppers or workers. 

Public Safety:  Our chair of public safety has encouraged our NA watch to be particularly alert during the current unrest, as the police are more busy than normal.

Parks and Environment: Nothing to report.

Schools:  School is out.  Summer school is an option for all students via distance learning.  The district has organized a task force to explore how school will be held in the fall.

Communications:  The chair of communications requests that, as soon as some information is available about future meetings for the NA, that it be posted on the website.


Presenters: Committee Chairs/Representatives. Norwood; NPCT; ANC* (5 min); SCC*; South Central Waterfront; St. Edward’s; S. Central Affordable CDC; Ad-hoc Land Development Code Revision

Norwood: The project was supposed to go before the Historic Commission to have the plans approved, but someone had an issue.  This caused an unexpected delay.

NPCT: Nothing to report at this time.

ANC:  See notes from our representative to ANC.

SCC:  Nothing to report at this time.

South Central Waterfront: Nothing to report at this time.

St. Edwards:  Nothing to report at this time.

S. Central Affordable CDC:  Nothing to report at this time.

Ad-hoc Land Development Code Revision:  Nothing to report at this time.

7. 8:00 Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to protect our members and neighbors, SRCC has cancelled our March, April, and May General Membership meetings, postponed our Elections Potluck, and has seen a lot of activity slow down. The City’s Stay Home – Work Safe Order is currently in effect through June 15th, though it may get extended. In order to have enough contact with the membership to maintain a presence, we are planning to have a Zoom-based General Membership meeting in June; this will allow us to get comfortable with some of the logistics in case we have urgent business at a future meeting. We do not expect to have regular monthly meetings going forward in the near term, at least until after officer elections. 

Presenter: Eric Cassady, President 

The president reported that the EC committee would meet as needed and keep in touch via email.  If you have EC agenda items, email the President, vice president, or executive committee.

We plan on having a general membership meeting 2 weeks from today.  Information will be emailed to those on the current list and posted on the website.  We are try9ing to keep the agenda light in order to provide time for adjusting to the ZOOM format.  There currently isn’t a plan to continue with general membership meetings beyond that.

The secretary will provide an opportunity on June 9th at 7 pm for those new to ZOOM to learn how to use it.  If you need help downloading or using  ZOOM before that time, email her at or call/text 512-619-5773.

The membership chair asked if the request to register in advance for the meeting was clear.  The president shared that, for the General Membership Meeting, there will be a hard deadline for registering, which will be on the Friday prior to the date of the meeting.  This will make it easier to verify that those attending are current in their membership and there is no issue with voting.

 The president clarified our current stance in regard to voting and motions, which went out in an email:

We will avoid voting on any issues where existing SRCC policy suffices to cover the situation.

  • Committee chairs will be reminded of their roles as described in the bylaws and asked to use their judgement and contact the officers if they are unsure of whether they can say or do something without a vote.
  • Officers will decide via email if an issue warrants a vote. If necessary the issue can be brought to the EC.
  • Where there is a specific current SRCC policy relating to an issue:
    • No vote is required
    • Committee chairs can communicate with outside parties informally
    • President or delegate can issue an official letter only if absolutely needed

Where there is no specific current policy

  • Committee chairs can communicate with outside parties informally in line with SRCC’s general goals
    • Should consult officers if there is any question about the specific issue or action
  • Can the president act without a vote?
    • Bylaws: “The President is authorized to speak on behalf of the organization consistent with the objectives and prior resolutions of the Executive Committee and of the General Membership.”
  • EC vote only if an official position is absolutely necessary
    • Bylaws: “To the extent practical, decisions of the organization shall be made by vote of the General Membership.”




8. 8:15 Neighbors near Congress and Academy Drive have had an increase in parking-related issues. People have regularly been parking in front of and blocking peoples’ driveways. In addition, the parked cars on both sides of the street are regularly restricting access to emergency vehicles. An application has been made to include The Circle (between Drake and its end/Academy) in the Residential Permit Parking (RPP) program, and all property owners on the street are in support. These neighbors are asking for SRCC to support an application for RPP on The Circle (if RPP does not get eliminated by the S. Congress Parking Study) and other measures that would help nearby neighbors, such as negotiating parking in garages as part of the City of Austin Affordable Housing Program. It is anticipated that support for the RPP applications will be voted on at the June SRCC General Membership meeting. 

Link to RPP petition.

Link to RPP map.

Presenter: Paula Kothman, SRCC Mobility Committee Chair 

The Mobility Chair introduced two members who shared some of the difficulties they run in to with parking and other issues with the construction along much of Congress Ave.  A drainage ditch was filled in by contractors, which now allows parking on both sides of a street.  The street was 19 feet wide, so parking was not allowed previously on both sides of the street.  The area where the drainage ditch is located it is 24 feet wide.  At this time, the drainage is flooding those downstream.  In addition, there is no way for an ambulance or fire truck to reach their house.  They shared a photo of the area they discussed.

Another member shared frustration about the construction activities that impacted Academy and the lack of communication with neighbors about availability of using Academy.  This member feels that the construction of Music Lane has not been managed properly, sometimes trapping neighbors from access to Congress Avenue and trash on the area.

The Mobility Chair reported that she attended the Soco Parking study, but the consultants are putting into place solutions that do not meet the approval of surrounding neighbors.  She is asking that we advocate for the RPP and in support for the neighbors.

9. 8:30 SRCC currently has vacancies in the positions of Austin Neighborhood Council (ANC) Representative and Co-Vice President. The SRCC Executive Committee can elect people to fill a position for the unexpired term. Betty Weed has volunteered for the position of ANC Representative, and Megan Spencer has volunteered for the position of Co-Vice President. Due to the delay in elections due to the coronavirus, we will vote to fill these positions. [VOTE EXPECTED] 

Presenter: Eric Cassady, President 

Some volunteer have stepped forward that wes would like to appoint by the EC until we are able to appoint until we are able to have the yearly election.

Motion:    Eric To appoint Betty Weed to the position of ANC Representative until such time as regular elections can be held.  Approve:  18,  Deny: 0,  Abstain 0;  PASSED

Motion:   Eric To appoint Megan Spencer to the position of Co-vice president until such times as regular elections can be held.  Approve: 18,  Deny: 0, Abstain: 0; PASSED


The Travis Heights Art Trail is planning to happen Nov. 7 – 8 this year. Everything will be outside with masks provided and social distancing practiced.

  • SRCC currently has the following volunteer positions open:
  • Historic Preservation Committee Chair
  • Outreach Committee Members/Chair


Several neighbors discussed if SRCC is considering any actions considering our current affairs.  A suggestion was made to establish an ad hoc committee.  One member shared that the topic is political, so perhaps not a good idea.  Members responded by discussing making suggestions that aren’t political, such as stating on our website that we do not discriminate and taking a position on how we expect the police to act in our neighborhood.

There is not a  plan to produce a summer newsletter, as distribution is difficult (due to CoVid).  Updates will be posted on the website.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about tonight’s meeting, please email us!

Agenda Prepared by Dan Fredine,

Minutes Prepared by Mary Friedman,

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